Home Delivery

We are now offering residential delivery within Eugene city limits!

Own a business? Please refer to our wholesale price page. 

Pricing (includes .10 bottle deposit)

12-pack case of 16 oz bottles (3 case minimum)

Kombucha $33 ($2.75 per bottle)

Jun $39 ($3.25 per bottle) 

CBD $49.20 ($4.10 per bottle)

Click here to order bottles 

5 gallon kegs (Cornelius or Sanke)

Kombucha  $85

Jun  $95

Keg deposit: $125

32 oz filled growler ($100 minimum)

Kombucha $10

Jun $12

Infused Kombucha $18

64 oz filled grower ($100 minimum)

Kombucha $18

Jun $23

Infused Kombucha $34

Current Flavor Offerings:

Please Call. Our 16 taps are constantly rotating. We always have a selection of Kombucha, Jun, Yerba Mate and Infused Kombucha on tap and in bottles. 

To place an order please call (541) 653-9816 or use our contact form and include your order, quantity, name, phone number, and we’ll get back to you about a delivery time.

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