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Common Questions

Oregon Blueberry and Peach Rose

We have a local minimum order of 2 cases or 1 keg of our kombucha. For other delivery options outside of the local Eugene delivery area, this requirement may vary and may be up to 2 kegs or 4 cases as a minimum order depending on the delivery location.

Wholesale businesses can pay via a check written directly to BNF Kombucha & Jun or via a Melio online payment method. We also offer automatic direct payment through Fintech once the business is set up.

At this time we do not offer kegerator or tap handle rentals but we would be happy to refer you to a local business in Eugene who would be happy to help.
The Filling Station
Address: 2747 River Rd, Eugene, OR 97404
Phone: (541) 654-0042

BNF Kombucha periodically hosts events at our tasting room as well as some other popular venues. You can find more information on events over on our social media accounts or join our newsletter for any future fun. At this time BNF does not offer catering, but we would be happy to sell cases or rent a keg for all your event needs.

A standard 1/6 barrel keg which is about 15.5 gallons of kombucha translates to roughly 165 12oz servings.

We would be happy to get you in touch with one of our Sales Representatives about getting set up as a new account and stocking our products. The best email to reach us at for more information about ordering is sales@bnfkombucha.com.

While Kombucha is a live probiotic beverage brewed with organic cane sugar, Jun is cultured in a similar way but with local raw honey instead.
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